Keep on Growing

November 2015

Keep on Growing: Target Processes & Workflow for Greater Business Growth

As a business develops, the time will eventually come for you to focus on growth, making it a priority in your daily efforts to keep ahead of the competition. Thus begins the never fun search for speedy solutions and convincing ‘growth hacks’. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy – nothing worth having ever is. But don’t despair, as there’s an immediate area you can improve on to up your game almost instantly: workflow and processes. How exactly will this help your business to reach to the moon and back, you ask? The Lunar team are on hand to tell you!


Simple Processes Breed More Productivity

Complicated and arduous processes are all too known for being the sources of many wasted employee hours and can lead to greater stress levels and lower morale – and we all know how that negatively affects productivity. The sad thing here is that your team could be capable of so much more if they had the time and freedom to get on with their work and develop new projects, so targeting processes is really going to make a lot of difference. Cutting down the processes holding everyone back using a bespoke CRM tool is a simple way to give time back to your team, and removing the burden that comes with confusing internal systems. The result: greater workflow, improved productivity and freed up hours to support the company’s growth!


Happy Workflow, Happy Customers

Getting your workflow to a state of fluid perfection isn’t just going to make your team happy – there are customers to think about too! By working to streamline your processes and improve on workflow using the tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to apply your team’s newfound productivity to the services you provide to customers. With a higher quality service and more value in your offering, the chances of retaining customers skyrockets – and the business can also benefit from all of the positive word-of-mouth reviews that’ll be doing the rounds. Keeping the customers you have now happy really is a key aspect of positive growth.


More Time, More Control

We’ve covered better productivity, giving hours back to employees and happier customers, but how is improving workflow going to help you personally to push the boundaries of the company? Well, with less time spent explaining tasks or micro-managing what your team are up to, you’re free to explore potential services the business could offer – or to develop services already in the pipeline. Straight away, you can apply your new streamlined processes to said service, ensuring the business hits the ground running no matter what it decides to do.

There’s also a chance to explore what your team are really up to, as well as their performance. Growth brings difficult decisions, and if there’s a team member who needs to improve to help the business stay on track, then now is the time to identify them.


How to Get Started

Hopefully, you’re now raring to go on sorting out your internal processes and getting your team’s workflow up to scratch, ready for a big growth spurt. Only, where do you start? It can be difficult deciding which processes are too flabby and which areas of workflow are taking up your team’s time without the proper tools. A bespoke CRM, however, can help in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. By reflecting your business’ needs, a bespoke CRM can be built to automate many processes on your behalf from day one, and gives you a better handle on how your team are spending their time. With additional built in tools to help add value to your customer engagement, it really is the best way to kick your business’ period of growth off.


Looking to expand your business across the world (and maybe even beyond)? Get in touch with Lunar for a free demo of our bespoke CRM solutions, and let’s get you growing!