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Keeping Active

October 2018

Keeping Active: 4 Ways to Ensure Remote Working is Working for You

We all have a place we work best, whether that’s at home, at a coffee shop, or even in bed. Remote working is perfect way to let your team figure out which environment suits them best. If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll also know that we’ve discussed remote working before and how the practice can make your office greener and cleaner. Don’t you want to help the planet?

So, where are you working right now? Are you keeping on track? To help you keep up the good work, the Lunar Team has come up with some great ways to stay on task as a team. Just because you can’t see your team, doesn’t mean you can’t support each other!


1. Keep up the communication

Keeping track of what everyone is up to is easy, even if you don’t see your team every day. Keeping up communication through e-mail is the simplest method to stay informed of what your team is up to on a day-to-day basis.

Avoid calling your team too often or without warning by setting up quick, daily virtual meetings. With a daily stand-up meeting your team can set out their tasks and know what to prioritise.

Of course, with the right CRM solution, you could be keeping in contact and keeping track of tasks throughout the day all in one place. You could see what your team is up to in real-time.


2. No need to be too hands-on

A happy team will work well, without any whip-cracking required. No need to cause unnecessary tension through micro-management.

Rather than checking in with your team a lot throughout the day, keep to those once a day quick morning meetings. If any additional communication is needed, keep it to an online chat channel. If you do need to call a team member, try asking them if they’re free for a quick phone chat in a few minutes or later in the day. Be sure to quickly let them know what you want to discuss too. You’ll greatly reduce the anxiety of an unexpected call.

Keep morale up by keeping your hands-off and you’ll be surprised by your team’s productivity levels.


3. Keep pro-active and encourage your team

Lead by example, they say. Show your team what you’re achieving daily to encourage them to meet your level. Keeping track of tasks in a bespoke CRM solution is the perfect way to do this – keep all the tools and motivation in one place. And of course, don’t forget praise! A little “great job, thanks” can go a long way to keeping your team happy.

Keep energised to keep focused. Getting distracted when you’re working is all just part of being human, really. You can use those moments of distraction to do a quick workout to recharge your brain. Keep active so you can keep working.


4. Get the right tools for the job

Cut the stress out of remote working by ensuring everyone has what they need to work anywhere. Your team needs to be able to keep in touch, keep track of tasks and to be able to manage their day to day workload. You could achieve that with many different tools, but an all-in-one bespoke CRM solution is the best way forward.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that your team has everything they need to do their best.

Follow these four steps and you can ensure your team can work from anywhere to the best of their ability. You can keep in touch with each other, help each other out and encourage each other. Remote work will keep your team’s productivity high and their morale.

So keep up the good work – wherever you choose to do that.

Help keep your team active, get in touch to try a free demo, or explore our website and find out more about what a bespoke CRM solution from Lunar could do for your remote team.