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Like Clockwork

October 2019

Like Clockwork: 5 CRM Automations to Keep Your Business Ticking

Your business should be like a well-functioning clock, with all the right gears meshing together to keep things running smoothly. That means having a powerful bespoke CRM solution at the heart of your business, with all the right tools in place from the moment you integrate it.

Gears turning independently won’t make things tick. For your clockwork business to run efficiently, you’re going to need all the parts to be in the right place so one gear can move another and so on. That means automating some of the smaller processes that feed in to the larger operations of your business.

So here are Lunar’s top 5 picks for automations you’ll want as part of your bespoke CRM from day one:


1 – Automate Lead Management

Tedious small data entry tasks can really grind your gears when you’re trying to focus on the bigger business picture. So let your bespoke CRM solution take care of basic lead management, profiling leads through email, web and social behaviour. By automating lead management you leave less room for error and plenty of time for you to focus on warm leads.


 2 – Nurture Leads Automatically

With the lead management gears turning, you’re ready to continue automating this clockwork business. The next step is to automate follow ups, drip e-mails, repots and lead scoring so you can nurture the leads your CRM has managed for you. To make things run smoother, your CRM can automatically sort leads in to groups based on their responses to drip e-mails, follow ups and various other preferences.


3 – Caller Automation

A bespoke CRM with dialler integration can help with telephony automation. Record calls and make automated notes to minimise errors in handling leads. Send automated follow-up e-mails after calls to carry on nurturing your leads. By automating calling process, you’ll really help to keep time on your side by keeping leads warm.


4 – Sales Reports

With a bespoke CRM solution you can really boost sales by managing opportunities efficiently. Track and record sales and revenue with powerful automatically generated reports. With your CRM automatically generating reports you sales team will have more information and more time to close deals and keep your business running smoothly.


5 – Customer Support

Last but not least, to keep things ticking along nicely you need happy customers. By implementing automated response, FAQs and flagging urgent queries, your CRM automatically starts to improve customer experience. Don’t leave customers waiting around for responses, your CRM can do that for you and alert you to queries that need extra attention.
These handy automation steps will keep those gears turning and your business ticking. There are plenty of automation options available with your bespoke CRM solution, and these starting steps will ensure future automations will mesh with your existing strategy.
Want to keep your business running like clockwork? Try a free demo of Lunar CRM and see how our automation features can help you run things smoothly.