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More To Love

February 2020

More to Love: Why Lunar CRM is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you want to pick the perfect gift for your loyal team. A bespoke CRM solution, like Lunar CRM, will help keep your customers in love with your business as your team is able to deliver their best.

A bespoke CRM solution is the perfect love letter to your team and your customers, built specifically to meet their desires and needs. Here’s how Lunar CRM gives everyone more to love…


Commitment with the Cloud

Lunar CRM allows your team to be more attentive through the Cloud. Allowing for 24/7 remote access, your team can easily keep up communication between your business and customers. Keep sharing the love, whenever and wherever you need to.  


Show Some Love to Your Operations Manager

Treat your operations manager to something special this Valentine’s, with a bespoke CRM that makes their day to day much easier. Simplified processes will allow you to automate tedious tasks and streamline a variety of other processes. Your bespoke CRM is an intelligent system that can report back to you on which processes are taking up too much time, and offer an effective solution, making it a dream come true for any operations manager.  


Ensure Your Customers Feel Loved

Your customers will feel loved, thanks to the regular contact options offered by Lunar CRM. With a bespoke CRM you can automatically updates contact details, reaches out to customers via SMS and can send important documents out. By regularly reaching out automatically, with so much data available to personalise every communication, every contact feel loved and well looked after. Your team will also love having more time, thanks to this automated communication.  


Woo Your Stakeholders with Reports

Impress your stakeholders in every meeting with powerful, data-rich reports. Lunar CRM allows you to build those reports in minutes, ensuring your team are as happy as your stakeholders with all the time and frustration they’ll save on report building.


There’s More to Love

There’s plenty to love with Lunar CRM’s features already, and there’s plenty more to love. Integrate third-party apps with Lunar CRM to make your CRM solution truly bespoke to your business, the perfect gift for your team and your customers.

Show your commitment to your customers with a powerful bespoke CRM that helps your business deliver its best – simply get in touch to book a free demo and be ready to fall in love.