Never Fear Automation Is Here

June 2019

Never Fear, Automation is here: Why Your Team Should Embrace Automation

Is your team still worried that automation could see them replaced by a piece of software? Well, there’s a lot you could be doing to reassure them that automation isn’t just beneficial for your business, but also for them and their position within it.

A happy team is a productive team, so you need to ensure any anxiety caused by talk of automation is nipped in the bud. So to ensure your bespoke CRM solution is welcomed by your team, here are just a few ways that automation could help them with their day to day…


More Hours in the Day

Automation doesn’t mean your CRM will take over the duties of your team. It means saving them time by running small, time-consuming tasks that would normally be a time sink for them.  With more hours left in the day your team can focus on other opportunities – training up in other areas, working on new projects or focusing more on better customer relationship management.


Individual Opportunities and Growth

Automation isn’t about replacing your existing team, it’s about giving them the opportunity to grow and expand their skills. With your bespoke CRM handling the complicated process, your team is presented with the exciting opportunity of growth. Now that they have the time to train up in new areas, they can take on new roles within your business. Which means growth all around – individual growth and business growth. Thanks, automation!


Business Growth

On top of individual opportunities, automation gives your business a chance to grow and thrive. With your team diversifying and learning new skills you can open new revenue streams by offering new services, or improving existing ones. This ultimately leads back to growth for your business, which not only secures your team in their careers but also opens up the possibility of expanding your team. Those team players that were worried about being replaced by a bespoke CRM solution might soon be in charge of their own teams thanks to it.


A Bit of Calm

As we said, a happy team is a productive team, and there’s no better way to boost morale than a little bit of calm. With fewer small but tedious tasks eating away at their time and limiting productivity, your team will have considerably less to stress about. The automation options offered by your bespoke CRM solution gives your team a moment to breathe and just enjoy their day a little more often.

The best way to keep your team calm about introducing automation is to talk to them about it. Instead of letting them get anxious that they’re up to be replaced, let them know about the ways that a bespoke CRM solution with automation options could benefit them and their working lives. You’ll all be working to the best of your ability and growing in ways you couldn’t have imagined in no times.

Lunar’s bespoke CRM is packed full of features ready to improve your team’s workflow, including process automation and an integrated reminder system. To find out more, feel free to explore our website. Alternatively, get in touch directly to book your free demo!