New Years Resolutions

January 2016

Happy New Year: The 5 New Year’s Resolutions a CRM Can Help You to Keep

We’ve officially made it to 2016 – and there’s no time like the present to start thinking ahead to what your business could achieve this year. But as with any New Year’s resolutions, it’s not always easy to keep to the goals you set for your team and the business in January for the whole twelve months. We can’t help you to cut office coffee consumption, but if you’ve picked any of the five resolutions below, then we’re confident a CRM could be exactly what you need to keep them up:


1. Empower Your Team

Great teamwork is an essential part of the foundation for a successful business – but after spending the entire festive break out of the office, getting your team back on track quickly could take some work. Start them off on the right foot with a simple to use CRM solution: not only does it enable each employee to pick up from where they left off in December, but it also keeps them clearly on the same page with shared data – a big help whilst they wake up from their Christmas hibernation. Simply put, for your team a bespoke CRM means a less complicated start to 2016, and the potential for a harmonious year of great teamwork ahead.


2. Understand Your Customers

Having detailed consumer intelligence – such as demographics, spending habits and previous purchases – at your disposal is sure to foster a clear understanding of your customers this year. With a bumper crop of data harvested from 2015 at your disposal, you could already be getting a head start on building customer profiles – but only with a bespoke CRM capable of providing such valuable information and analysis. Gradually, as the year goes on and you continue to cater to your customers, you’ll be able to update the team’s understanding in real time, and share it amongst employees for a stronger overall business-customer relationship.


3. Get a Tighter Handle on Your Business

Is your personal resolution for this year to get a better handle on your business, and to understand what’s happening at any given time? There’s no need to spend precious hours poring over paperwork, making lengthy enquiries to your team, and worrying that you’ll never quite have the overview you want: a bespoke CRM can provide the snapshot you need. It sounds like the easy way out, but in truth it’s both a more efficient and more detailed approach to keeping up-to-date with your business. With the knowledge a CRM can provide, you’ll be able to make better choices for your team and the organisation as a whole without affecting your own workload.


4. Anticipate New Trends & Opportunities

As we’ve previously mentioned on our blog, CRMs and companies involved in areas such as claims are a match made in heaven. Why? Because a bespoke CRM tool can help organisations keep their fingers on the pulse, anticipating the changes coming to the industry – including the next financial misdemeanour and new compliance regulations. With a little data-based foresight into where your industry is headed next, your business could keep its place ahead of the competition, making for a very successful 2016!


5. Map Out This Year’s Direction

This final resolution is one that a lot of business owners aspire to keep, but time, work and a sense of being overwhelmed can often relegate it to the bottom of the pile. The success of this resolution really depends on how well you can keep the other four on our list – each one contributes a small piece of the approach that will enable you to map out not just this year, but also 2017 and beyond. So when considering how to keep your business’ resolutions this year, remember the part a bespoke CRM could play – and get ready to count your successes. Good luck!


Need some CRM assistance in keeping to your business’ New Year’s resolutions? Get in touch with the Lunar Team, and let’s talk about making 2016 your year!