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Reports And Your CRM

February 2019

Reports and Your CRM: The Most Powerful Reports to Build with Your Bespoke CRM

The largest benefit to using a bespoke CRM solution is having all of your sales, marketing and customer data in one place. Not only does this save you time and money, limiting swapping between different pieces of software and paying for said software, but having all this data in one place allows you to build powerful reports at the click of a button. Your bespoke CRM can generate a variety of reports that will assist you in tracking marketing campaign performance and measure ROI.

Identifying problems with your marketing strategies becomes easier with the right reports, but more importantly it helps you identify success, so you can focus on what works best for your business. With that in mind, here are some of the most powerful reports that you and your marketing team can build easily with your bespoke CRM.


Profitability Reports

Do you want to know exactly where your money is coming from, and how to keep it coming? You should – knowing where profits are coming from gives you an important insight in to your customers, and who to target.

Profitability reports will show you which customers are bringing in the biggest revenue for your business. By using your bespoke CRM to create a profitability report you can determine which of these customers are most likely to continue brining in revenue.


Sales Cycle, Forecast and Conversion Reports

Sales reports are generally split in to three categories; sales cycle reports, sales forecast reports and sales conversion reports. Whilst it’s important to see an individual breakdown of each to get a clearer view of the data, you may also benefit from looking holistically at all three sales reports, taking full advantage of all your data being in one place in a bespoke CRM solution.

Sales cycle reports will depict the average duration of your sales loop, from lead capture to close. This report will also demonstrate the variables that affect your sales funnel, so you can tweak your efforts to ensure that your sales loop closes as quickly as possible.

Sales forecast reports are used to project future revenue. By analysing current leads, opportunities and conversions alongside your sales loop, your sales team can predict income for your business – usually a sales forecast report is best done on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Conversion reports will provide you with an average of how many leads are converting to sales. This is a crucial part in any “closed loop campaign”, analysing leads from how they were acquired to how they were converted, and the steps in between. You can use this data to focus your efforts on leads that are more likely to convert in to sales.


CRM Pipeline Reports

Pipeline reports will show you how your leads are progressing on the journey to conversions. You can use a pipeline report to inform your sales forecasts, helping your marketing team set quotas by analysing pending opportunities.


Goal Progress Reports

Finally, you want to use goal progress reports to measure how your campaigns and sales data are performing against your predicted goals. The reports will vary greatly depending on department – your sales team will measure against revenue and your marketing team against MLQs. With your bespoke CRM you’ll be able to update your goal progress reports in real-time with the data gathered by your CRM, and embedded in to your dashboard so that every member of your team is on the same page.

Try a bespoke CRM solution that can build powerful reports for your business. Get in touch to request a demo of Lunar CRM, with extensive integration possibilities, or take a look through our website to find out more.