Safe And Sound

April 2018

Safe and Sound: 3 Ways We Provide Peace of Mind Around Your Data

First Facebook, and now MyFitnessPal – it’s not going well for the tech giants of the world when it comes to recent data breaches! That’s why there’s never been a better time for businesses to consider how they’re keeping their customers’ data safe and sound.

The Lunar team especially understand this need, with our bespoke CRMs a treasure trove of customer information that needs to be kept safe at all costs. We achieve this through a variety of means:


Cloud Hosting

CRMs kept on on-site servers are prone to physical damage, as well as data breaches. Our team seek to minimise the risks of this happening by making the most of cloud technology, hosting our bespoke CRM solutions on secure, off-site servers. This way, they’re out of reach of accidental damage, maintained and monitored by professionals with a wealth of experience in data protection.


Regular Back-Ups

Of course, there’s more to keeping data safe than just protecting the servers! Keeping data regularly backed up can ensure that no matter what happens, the bespoke CRM’s information is kept up to date and safe. Team Lunar ensure that all our customers’ data is constantly backed up, allowing them to carry on where they left off.


Disaster Recovery Plans

Although we’re confident in our security and back-up procedures, it always pays to be prepared for whatever might happen – after all, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! That’s why our team have worked hard to put in place a stringent disaster recovery plan. Each member of the team is well-rehearsed in enacting the disaster recovery plan to make sure that if something was to happen, our clients can get back to business as usual, minimising the effect of any data breach or loss.

As time goes on and data becomes more valuable, it pays to take every step possible to keep your customers’ information safe. That doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as you might think. With the right tools and team in your corner – such as Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution and our expert specialists – you can protect your customers and focus on doing what you do best.

For a secure bespoke CRM solution that will keep your team feeling confident and give your customers peace of mind around their data, get in touch for a free demo of Lunar CRM.