Simply The Best

March 2022

Simply The Best: 5 Reasons Customer Feedback is The Best

It’s as simple as this – without customers, it’s quite difficult to run a business. Customers are, after all, a vital part of your business machine – no customers means no revenue, and how do you pay yourself or your staff without revenue?

Financial gain isn’t the only benefit of maintaining customers. Customers are big fans of leaving feedback, it’s become something of a trend in the age of social media and Google Reviews. You might worry about customer feedback, but it’s actually a vital tool for gathering information and really improving your business’ performance. There are many ways to encourage customer feedback – e-mail campaigns, surveys, simply having a social media presence. Here are 5 ways customer feedback is the best thing for your business:  


1. Hang on to your Customers

The best customers are the ones that come back time and again – a one-time large purchase is nice but many smaller purchases can soon outweigh that value. So it’s important you understand how your business can best maintain repeat customers.

Customer feedback is the easiest way to figure out which areas of your business need to be improved upon. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know – so ask your customers how you can improve your service, and follow up concerns promptly and personally. Keep those relationships strong and you’ll be turning those one-time customers in to repeat visitors in no time.


2. Inform your Team

Now, it’s a well-known fact of business in the social media era that unhappy customers don’t hold back. They’re paying for both a product and a service, and so they want to be treated well by your team.

If your team does need to improve in any particular area, your customers will let you know about that if you ask them. Alternatively, your customers may let you know where your team is excelling, so you can pass on those congratulations to your team. Whether it’s encouraging improvement or praising excellence, customer feedback will really benefit your team. 


3. Tweak your Service

How are your customers liking your service or product? Are they taking to any new services a bit slower than you’d like, or not at all? You can gather all the experts and business partners you want to discuss what you think will work, but the real experts are the people you’re selling to – your customers.

Ask and you shall receive. Honest feedback from your customers can help you make vital tweaks to the machine, improving overall service and customer satisfaction. It’s an ongoing process, but once you’ve got in to the rhythm you can keep doing it to save time and money, rather than always throwing ideas at the wall and hoping one sticks. 


4. Gather Data

Data, data, data. You cannot build bricks without clay. Gathering data from your customer feedback through surveys will help you find out more about those engaging with your business, so you can build a good customer profile. This will help you understand who to target, assisting your marketing team in their efforts.

Any data you gather from your surveys can be added to your CRM. This makes it possible for you to build detailed reports in seconds that can influence your marketing efforts positively, for more effective business practices.


5. Grow your Business

If growth is the ultimate goal for your business, and who doesn’t want that really, customer feedback will be an invaluable tool. By using the data gathered in your bespoke CRM solution to improve marketing strategy and improving services for existing customers you’ll see your numbers grow in no time.

You can also ensure that your business growth is strategic, never wasting budget on anything that doesn’t work, and tunnelling your efforts in to sure-fire methods. So if you ask your customers what they want, you’ll see more of them in no time.

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