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Sizing Up

June 2016

Sizing Up: Can Smaller Businesses Benefit from a Bespoke CRM?

In this week’s blog, we thought we’d touch upon one of the more common questions the Lunar Team hears from business owners: ‘can my small business really benefit from a bespoke CRM?’. The obvious answer would be to shout a resounding ‘yes!’, but in reality it depends on one of two things: are you happy how you are, and do you wish to grow your business?


Finding New Happiness with a Bespoke CRM

A huge trend among small businesses and start-ups is to adopt off-the-shelf solutions to help keep things running smoothly when you only have a small team, or when it’s just you to begin with. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this, in that your competitors are likely using the same technology, it’s often an expensive recurring outgoing, and some of the functionality you simply don’t need.

The latter two points are particularly contentious – if you have to pay for a higher tier to access the one feature you do want, whilst all the other functionality is left to dust over, then you’ve probably made a wrong turning somewhere and at this point, you’re throwing money away for the sake of it. Sounds harsh, but deep down you know you’re not getting enough for your money.

The alternative is a bespoke tool offering everything you need and cutting out the stuff you don’t. There’s nothing to say more functionality can’t be added later on, but in the meantime, why pay for something you don’t use and you’re not 100% happy with?

As for the competition, who’s to say they haven’t already mastered this system? They could have a team dedicated to reading every article out there about how to maximise this off-the-shelf solution for their own gains and they’re leaving you in the dust. With a bespoke CRM tool, it’s built and tailored completely to your business and its needs – keeping competitors firmly out of the loop.


All About Growth

Hopefully you’ve got ambitious plans for your business to dominate the world – or just to make a new hire within the next twelve months. Whatever level of growth you’re after, a bespoke CRM can help your small business to achieve it.

The key to growth is strategy, and with a solution built exclusively for your business, that becomes a lot easier to formulate. Gearing up for a period of growth requires streamlined processes, valuable data which can be extracted instantly, and your team fully on board with every second being used to deliver exceptional quality to customers.

Once you’ve worked with your bespoke CRM to tighten up procedures and maximise your team’s productivity, successful growth becomes achievable in a measured manner. What’s more, by adding third party integrations into the mix, you can turn your bespoke CRM into a lead generation monster to further help with securing more revenue.


Size Doesn’t Matter

In short, it doesn’t matter if your business has a hundred people or just one, a bespoke CRM solution can be totally beneficial to the organisation and its teams, securing growth and a competitive edge like no other. So if you’ve got big plans for your small business, consider adopting a tailored solution and show them that size doesn’t matter after all!

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