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Take the Lead

June 2016

Take the Lead: The Why & How of Generating New Business with Your Bespoke CRM

Although initial assumptions of what a CRM is capable of tend to stop at idea of managing current customers and facilitating phone calls, in reality a bespoke CRM is able to achieve much, much more - not least the ability to generate new business on your behalf. Making the most of such tool can guarantee your organisation some healthy sales figures – and you’ll be glad to hear that, with a little nifty thinking, it’s a pretty straightforward process!


Bringing Bought Data into the Mix

Team Lunar are proud of our bespoke CRM’s ability to integrate with third party apps. For our customers, this adds extra value and opportunities; for Team Lunar, it’s a chance to expand upon our bespoke system indefinitely, offering clients more and more choice.

One such integration is the seamless bringing together of customer data bought from a lead supplier with a client’s CRM. This allows valuable prospect information purchased by a client to be pulled through to their CRM in real-time, allowing for teams to approach new customers with confidence and simplicity, as well as eradicating the need for data migration or additional systems.


Site Visitors as Leads

Of course, not everybody wants to buy customer data from lead suppliers – a decision which in no way limits what your bespoke CRM can do for you. Lunar’s third party capabilities also includes our popular website integration. By embedding our flexible website form inside of your website, you can have real-time, qualified leads directly delivered to your CRM, ready for follow up by your team.

The benefit of this is that it works so well with your digital marketing efforts. By bringing together social media activity, SEO efforts and website design with your CRM, you can generate traffic to your site where visitors will decide for themselves whether or not they’d like to find out more about your services.

Additionally, with this method you can ensure data integrity by choosing what data customers need to leave and having a member of the team get in touch in a timely manner to qualify the information provided.


Why is Lead Generation an Important CRM Function?

We’ve talked about how to generate leads with your CRM, but you may still be wondering why it’s such an important thing to consider – apart from the fact that leads are customers (and revenue) waiting to happen.

A CRM’s primary function is to ensure customer relationships are being properly managed by your team. By turning your bespoke CRM solution into a lead generation monster, you’re presenting your organisation with the opportunity to slim down workflow processes, at the same time providing prospective customers with an easy to follow lead journey – from generation, follow up and sign off, all the way to ensuring they’re retained every month. For customers, this simplified process is more likely to ensure their loyalty for the foreseeable future.

On top of the practical benefits, consider the ROI you’ll be seeing from your CRM if it can be properly utilised to generate leads for your organisation! Building upon Lunar’s bespoke CRM tool with the right third party integration and some clever engineering can enable your team to make the most out of a system which can sit confidently at the heart of your business.


Interested in learning more about how Lunar’s bespoke CRM offering could help to improve your lead generation rates and customer relationship management? Simply get in touch to arrange your out-of-this-world free demo!