Take The Wheel

June 2020

Take the Wheel: Taking Back Control of Your Workflow in 4 Ways with a Bespoke CRM

With a structured and effective workflow you can ensure your team are working in the right direction, while saving both time and resources. By sacrificing clear workflow and direction in favour of focusing on more important matters, you could potentially be sacrificing business growth and limit staff productivity. That’s why it’s important to place a bespoke CRM solution at the heart of your business.

Effectively, a bespoke CRM can automate many workflow processes so that you can focus on other priorities. Let’s take a look at four ways that a bespoke CRM solution can do that…


1. Increased Efficiency

We’ve all been guilty of procrastination at some point in our lives, but we’re often unaware of how that wasted time affects the company and our fellow colleagues. Sometimes, however, wasted time is more a result of employees being without direction or struggling to understand exactly what is expected of them than simple distraction.

In our bespoke CRM, we’ve included a powerful workflow management feature which ensures that every team member is led directly to the jobs that managers want them to complete, erasing any doubt, cementing their expectations and greatly increasing productivity.


2. Lead Prioritisation

Not all data is born equal, and it should really be your team’s priority to tackle higher quality information first – that way, you can guarantee that their time is being used more effectively on work which is more likely to bring the business happy customers and better revenue.

With our lead prioritisation feature, data is sorted into clearly marked pots, allowing for complete clarity in which data is of a higher quality, and thus should be tackled first. That being said, data can be called in whichever order you prefer, allowing your team to understand if they should tackle call backs, or digest new data first.


3. Quick Response

Got a new web lead? Don’t waste time with complicated pipeline processes. Call them directly from the CRM within seconds of receiving the lead to cut out pointless procedure and to keep the wheels of your organisational machine well-oiled and moving.

Our clients have been especially appreciative of this feature, as so many leads are generated through web traffic and a bespoke CRM fitted with quick response capabilities greatly shrinks the customer journey, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.


4. Reminder System

Missed calls are a great indicator of workflow struggles, as they often come about because there is either confusion over the process, or because employees are too busy tackling other issues first. Instead of accepting that calls are going to be missed, however, businesses can take full advantage of an integrated reminder system as part of their bespoke CRM solution.

A well-utilised feature within Lunar’s bespoke CRM, the reminder system has ensured that our clients are constantly keeping their customers in mind, reducing lost conversions and increasing customer satisfaction – which is, after all, what a great CRM is all about!

Interested in keeping your workflow moving forward with help from a bespoke CRM? Get in touch to book a free demo and find out what the team at Lunar CRM can do for you!