Up & Up

December 2021

Up & Up: How a Cloud-Based CRM Solution can help a Small Business Keep Growing

It seems the cost of running a business just keeps on going up these, although there are a few tricks to keep costs down. Running your business remotely, for example, will save on the cost of an office an IT equipment. But then what about data security and ensuring your staff have the right tools for the job?

Many small businesses are turning to fully cloud-based CRM solutions due to their low-cost and robust security (at least, in the case of Lunar CRM).  

Let’s take a look at how a cloud-based CRM solution could work for you.


Simple and Easy: Quick Installation

With a cloud-based CRM, there’s no lengthy installation or set-up, and there’s no need for any additional equipment either. All you’ll need to get started is internet access and a device capable of using an internet browser. Once you’re ready, all you have to do is sign in to your new CRM. 


User Friendly: Easy to Use for Everyone

Whilst you’ll probably want to do most of your work at your desk in your office, sometimes things crop up. Say you need to make an urgent call to one of your clients whilst you’re heading in to the office, or making your way between meetings – with a cloud-based CRM you can have access to your CRM system anywhere, even from your smartphone.

As your CRM will be hosted in the cloud, you won’t be chained to your desk. And neither will your team. Whether you want to work from a café, library, your living room, or even your bed, with a cloud-based CRM you can.


Affordable: A Low-Cost Solution

A cloud-based CRM solution will not only save you money by negating the need for costly IT equipment, but cloud CRM options can generally be quite cheap, particularly for small teams. There’s also minimal upfront investment with a cloud based CRM solution, and a pay-monthly subscription model means you’ll know exactly how much to budget for each month with no hidden surprises.


On Lock: High-End Security

One of the biggest concerns with any business is security. It can be easy to worry that without a physical product, your CRM isn’t secure – that, fortunately, couldn’t be further from the truth with a cloud-based CRM solution. Cloud-based systems are backed up on secure servers automatically on a regular basis, and sophisticated security systems ensure your data, and your customer’s data, is protected. With a cloud-based CRM solution you don’t have to worry about maintaining security yourself, that’s all taken care of as part of your subscription.


Perfect Match: Extensive Compatibility

The great thing about a cloud-based CRM solution is that you can really use your system from anywhere. Any device capable of running a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, will be capable of accessing your CRM. This again means you won’t have to spend money on expensive IT upgrades for you and your team – so long as your device is internet-ready, it’s CRM-ready.


All Your Needs: A Flexible Bespoke Solution

With the added benefit of a bespoke CRM solution, you’ll have a level of flexibility to your CRM, ensuring you have all the tools your business needs. That means a range of third-party support to keep all your business needs in one cloud-based package. Need e-mail integration? A dialler solution? Marketing automation? All of these third-party processes can be included in your bespoke CRM package, and as your business grows and your needs with it, further third-party integration can be added to your cloud-based CRM package.

Are you ready to try a cloud-based bespoke CRM solution? Get in touch to request a demo.