Life of the Party

November 2021

Life of the Party: Third Party Integration and your CRM

Third-party integration is an essential part of any CRM solution, keeping everything in one place can save time, help considerably with organisation, gives your team all the tools they need and ultimately saves you money. That’s why Lunar offers, on top of a list of existing features, extensive third-party integration to bring you a truly bespoke CRM solution. But with so many third-party options out there, which apps are you going to need as part of your bespoke CRM solution? The Lunar Team has a few suggestions to start you off… 


1 – Keep it in The Cloud

With a cloud based CRM, the only barrier between you and your work is an internet connection. That means you’ll be able to access your data, your customers and your tools anytime, anywhere. It also means your team will have that same access, which is of course a handy feature if you’re working with a remote team.

By using a bespoke CRM solution hosted in the cloud, you’ll be saving money by not having to host your own expensive servers. This is a perfect green solution too, as there’s no need for lots of costly IT equipment on your end. As your data is stored on powerful servers that are regularly backed up, you won’t have to worry about security, no matter how many team members need to access your CRM. 


2 – Stay on Top of E-Mails

Keeping your e-mails linked to your CRM will save you, and your team a considerable amount of time when organising leads and contacts. Create tasks and assign leads directly from your e-mails at the click of a button. Manage contacts easily with e-mail integration, saving contacts directly to your CRM database without having to use an external storage system. With CRM e-mail integration, you’ll also be able to maintain your company identity easily, with a unique e-mail address that matches your brand, no matter which member of your team is responding. 


3 – Make and Receive Calls

Needless to say, call integration is perfect if your business involves making lots of phone calls. Call platform integration with your CRM will allow you to make calls at the click of a button if a phone number is present in an e-mail, or by looking through a list of automatically saved contacts (thanks to that handy e-mail integration). Even if you don’t have a dialler platform, Lunar CRM will keep you covered with our CloudCall Click solution. This also means you’ll be saving both time and money, with no risk of misdialled numbers.

A bespoke CRM solution with call and dialler integration will also allow you to easily record calls, for both your own and your customer’s records. Keeping a history of all calls made through your CRM will allow your team to easily track leads and stay on top of different accounts.


4 – Pop it in The Calendar

The perfect way to sort out your schedule easily, calendar integration goes hand in hand with other third-party integrations to keep your diary up to date. You’ll have the ability to calendar entries directly from calls and e-mails, without having to switch over to another app. This can be great if you’re working with a remote team, as you’ll easily be able to keep each other up to date on calls, meetings, events and campaign launches all from one shared calendar directly in your CRM.


5 – Automate your Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation integration for your CRM will save your sales team time, and save you money. Automation will allow you to generate, score and qualify leads without having to switch between several channels, and then assign those leads to the appropriate team. Marketing automation is a perfect time saver for small businesses that may lack a dedicated marketing team. 


6 – Stay on Social

If you’re big on social media, and you should be, you’ll know that dedicated social media management tools can be a huge cost every month. With social media integration, your CRM can be used to keep on top of customer engagement with your brand. Track trends across the big social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, to adjust your marketing efforts and social media strategies accordingly. With real-time response options you’ll be able to engage directly with your customers directly from your CRM.

Lunar CRM offers a variety of third party integrations built-in and ready for you to use from day one. If there’s anything else you want to add to create a package bespoke to you, all you have to do is ask! We’ll ensure you have a CRM solution that suits all your needs, without having to hop in and out of different services.

Are you ready to try a bespoke CRM solution that does everything? Get in touch and request a demo of Lunar CRM.