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What Freelancers Want

November 2018

What Freelancers Want and How to Attract Them

Times are tough for small businesses and independent retailers in the UK. With things only predicted to get harder, with the likes of Brexit to cause a shortfall in tech talent. When you’re already under strain hiring can add additional costs, on top of paying someone’s wages. So it might be time to consider freelancers.

Freelancers will offer you flexibility in return for your own flexibility. Working hours don’t have to be a strict 9 to 5, and together you can agree to working hours that are affordable to you and suitable to them. But what else can you offer a freelance team to sweeten the deal? It’s your bespoke CRM solution – here’s what you can offer to attract freelancers:


Access Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re working with freelancers to cut costs, an office is likely going to be a stretch too far. You’ll also be missing out on potential non-local freelance talent. Offering remote work will free up both sides, save costs and open up more opportunities for you. So you want to be sure your team can access the tools they need from anywhere.

A bespoke CRM solution will offer your freelance team access to the right tools for the job, all they need is internet access. Even with many people accessing your system, you’ll have the peace of mind offered by your bespoke CRM tool’s sophisticated security options. With access around the clock, your freelance team will be able to work the most productive hours for them.


Third Party Integration

Keeping everything in one place saves your freelance team time, and saves you money. It’ll also save them money – no need for them to buy different tools for the job when your bespoke CRM tool has everything they need.

Third party integration with Salesforce, G-Mail, chat channels will help keep up communication between you and your team, and your customers, keeping everyone in the loop and streamlining your sales pipeline. Integrated one-click calls will allow your team to make and receive customer calls, keep records of calls and designate leads to the right person.


Real-Time and Simple Reports

One of the biggest concerns on any freelancer’s mind is how they’re going to show you what they’re bringing to the table each month. Basically, how they’re going to convince you that they’re worth paying. The most common way of doing this is to make monthly report documents, which means deep diving in to analytics and pulling out the most relevant results, then presenting that data in an easy to understand format.

Built in, real-time reporting offered by a bespoke CRM solution will save your freelance team an immense amount of time. They’ll be able to build reports at the click of a button, easily extracting the most relevant data. As reports are generated in real-time, they can be checked more regularly, befitting not only you but also giving your team deeper insights in to where to focus their efforts.

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