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A Pattern Of Inclusivity

November 2019

A Pattern of Inclusivity: How Lunar Tailors a Bespoke CRM for Any Business

Ensuring everyone feels included is an important part of what we do at Lunar – we know that every business has different needs, and we want our bespoke solutions to work for everyone. We’ve worked with so many different people and businesses, but we always follow the same pattern for a bespoke CRM that fits anyone…


Finding Your Style

Before we get stuck in with crafting your bespoke CRM, we need to know what you want. That means getting to know you, your business and your team so we know what you’ll need your CRM to do. Everyone is different in their approach and their workflow, and we’ll need to know how your business ticks before we can adapt our bespoke CRM solution to your business.


Altering to Fit You

Don’t ever think your business is too out there to benefit from a bespoke CRM solution. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because every business is unique, that’s why Lunar CRM can be altered to fit your needs. We’ve created CRM solutions for couriers, PPI claim firms, pensions and more, so we can easily adapt to your business. Let us know about your business’ unique style, we’re eager to create a CRM solution that fits perfectly.


Helping You Decide

Recognising you need a CRM but not being sure what you want from it is okay, we can help with that. We’re no stranger to businesses that don’t really have an example of how a CRM might benefit them – if you recognise the need for a CRM, we can help you understand what the right tool can do for you. The Lunar team will get together with you, discuss the features that you’re most likely to use and any that you might not have realised would benefit you. So we can deliver a bespoke CRM that’ll fit your business perfectly, with room for tailorinA g if you need to in future.


Adding Your Plugins

Customising your bespoke CRM with existing tools and data sets you already use isn’t a problem for Lunar CRM. With third party support, as well as our own list of useful extra features, Lunar CRM is ready to be customised with many plugins that you already use. With the added benefit of plugins familiar to your business, we ensure your bespoke CRM is a comfortable fit from day one.


Our Own Unique Style

We love our craft at Lunar, and creating bespoke CRM solutions that make everyone feel included is what we do. We’ll be with you every step of the way in creating a bespoke CRM solution that fits your business, sharing our own expertise and knowledge to ensure your happy with your CRM from day one.

With that, you have your own bespoke CRM solution, tailored to your business. So there’s no need to feel left out – if you need of a CRM, no matter how unusual or unique your business may be, Lunar CRM will help create a bespoke solution that fits you perfectly.

Why not try on a bespoke CRM before you buy? Try a free demo of Lunar CRM and see if it’s the right fit for your business.