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Be Our Valentine

February 2017

Be Our Valentine: 4 Reasons It’s So Easy to Fall in Love with a CRM Made Just for You

This year, you’d be forgiven for thinking Valentine’s Day began the day after Boxing Day, what with the sudden and unrelenting influx of heart-shaped goods in the shops! But whereas this day is traditionally reserved for lovers, Team Lunar has decided to play Cupid between businesses and the perfect bespoke CRM solution for them. After all, there are so many reasons to feel love struck when it comes to a system built to address your needs. So without further ado, let’s make some magic happen!


Your Team Loves Working in the Cloud

Love it or loathe it, the Cloud is a remarkably useful advancement in technology – and taking full advantage of what’s on offer is sure to take your employees all the way up to Cloud 9. With 24/7 remote access to important data, customer contact details and reports from anywhere in the world, as well as the ability to communicate with one another on the move, it’s no wonder they’re pining for more of the Cloud. It makes sense to give them a gift they’ll love!


Your Operations Manager Will Swoon Over Simplified Processes

This Valentine’s, forget the flowers and chocolates when trying to woo your operations manager – what they really want is a system that automates the more tedious tasks taking up their day, and streamlines processes for maximum efficiency. Most off-the-shelf solutions might give you one or the other, but only with a bespoke CRM can you get an intelligent system that understands exactly which processes your business is using up too much time on and offers up an effective solution. It’s an Operations Manager’s dream!


Your Customers Will Fall for You

Customers love it when you’re attentive – who doesn’t? A bespoke CRM that automatically updates contact details, reaches out to customers via SMS, and can send important documents out by automatically is going to make every contact feel loved and well looked after without being a strain on your team’s productivity.


Your Clients Can Commit to the Results

Got reports to extract before an important stakeholder meeting or presentation? Easy. A bespoke CRM solution from Team Lunar will provide all the details you need in a fraction of the time it’d take a human to collate the data. Who wants a dozen red roses when you can have one perfect report?


What’s Not to Love?

We’ve loved every one of our bespoke CRM solutions built for clients over the years, and really what’s not to love? With the ability to integrate third party apps, and plenty of features built around your business’ individual needs, we can guarantee that it’ll be love at first sight. Team Lunar, out!

Kickstart your customer relationship with a bespoke CRM solution built for you by Lunar CRM – simply get in touch to book a free demo and get ready to swoon!