Cool Off

August 2022

Cool Off: How a Bespoke CRM Can Keep Your Business Stress Free This Summer

The heat is on as far as the weather goes this summer, but it doesn’t have to be with your business. Keep things cool with a CRM solution that’ll keep your business running smoothly.

At Lunar CRM the last thing we want is you getting stressed by tech that’s not up to scratch. So that’s why we’ve ensured our bespoke CRM solution has these 5 qualities to help keep your head cool…


1. Stay Connected

Not being able to get in touch with the team member you need the most is a sure fire way to get anyone hot and bothered. That’s why we want to make sure no one feels out of the loop, with the better connectivity offered by Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution. Now your team won’t have to worry about tech problems keeping them from communicating with each other.


2. Access Anytime

What’s more stressful than not being able to access your business when you want to see how things are going? Not much. That’s why with a bespoke CRM solution connected to the Cloud, you’ll be able to access your business at any time. Long weekend? No problem, just hop on your internet-connected device, check in, make sure everything’s okay, then go and enjoy the rest of the weekend!  


3. Automate It

The double-edged sword of being able to access your business at any time is that it can feel like you can never switch off. You should be able to go out and enjoy the wonderful weather, not be sat at a computer screen at all times. With a bespoke system, you can automate many of the smaller tasks your business undertakes on a regular basis. So you can take a break, knowing that your business will keep ticking along just fine – you’ll even find you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business, thanks to automating simple processes.


4. Simplify Workflow

There’s nothing quite like a huge to-do list to get you hot under the collar. A complicated workflow process is a huge cause of stress in the workplace. So that’s why Lunar CRM simplifies those workflows with automation, third-party integration, built-in dialler platforms and more to make your life easier.


5. It’s Secure

The biggest stress point for any business is downtime caused by tech failure. With an off-the-shelf CRM solution hosted on your own servers, this is a very real possibility and you’ll have to fix things if anything goes wrong. You don’t want to work late and miss out on the sun because of a few hours lost to downtime, do you? Of course not! That’s why Lunar’s bespoke CRM solutions are hosted on our own powerful servers, which you can access at any time through the Cloud. We ensure that everything is regularly backed-up, and your system is kept up to date, so in the unlikely event anything ever does go wrong we can have your business back online before you’ve even noticed.

So don’t stress! Get out there and enjoy the summer! And while you’re at it, why not get in touch to see how a bespoke CRM solution from Lunar could help you keep a cool head?