Staying Secure

June 2019

Staying Secure: How We Keep Your Data Safe

It’s been since we’ve seen any huge data breaches, like Facebook’s 2018 breach. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take your data security seriously. Especially if you want to keep your customers happy knowing that their data is kept secure.

With Lunar CRM you’ll have a huge amount of customer data to utilise towards improving your business practices, but with great power comes great responsibility – keeping that data safe. So here’s how we ensure your customers’ data is kept safe…


Safe in the Cloud

The data you store in your bespoke Lunar CRM solution is kept in the Cloud. That means that any issues with physical servers are minimised, as our bespoke CRM solutions are hosted in powerful off-site servers. So there’s no risk of accidental damage, and the servers are well looked after by a team of data protection professionals.


All Backed-up

So there are physical servers involved, and so that means there is (however small) a risk of physical damage. That’s why the data hosted in our CRM servers is regularly backed up, so that your data is kept up to date and safe even if anything does go wrong. So in the unlikely scenario that there is a problem, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.


Disaster Recovery Plans

They say that failure to prepare is preparing to fail. With that in mind, even with all of our security and back-up procedures it’s important to plan ahead just in case. So that’s just what we’ve done! Our team has a robust disaster recovery that’s well-practiced so that in the very unlikely event of any kind of error we can help get you back to business as usual in no time.

It’s important to ensure that your customers’ information remains safe and sound as we continue in to the digital era, where data is becoming more and more valuable. That’s why we’re there to help you ensure that level of safety. With the right tools you can focus on keeping your customer’s happy, whilst we keep their data safe.

For a secure bespoke CRM solution that will keep your team feeling confident and give your customers peace of mind around their data, get in touch for a free demo of Lunar CRM.