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Customer Service

June 2019

Customer Service: Four Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer service is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, and it’s never been easier for a customer to get in touch with your business. It’s also never been easier for bad customer service to damage your brand. With social media keeping everything online for the world to see, you need to ensure your team’s customer service is on point.

Customers have plenty of choice when it comes to brands for their products. So to keep your customers loyal, you need to be delivering your consistent best. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at your customer service. Here are the four aspects of great customer service your team needs to be focusing on…


1 - Understand Your Customers

Do you have an understanding of your customer?

You’ll need to start by understanding how best to engage with your customers, which will inform your marketing and communication efforts. With this information you can keep your communications with customers both helpful and on-brand.

With this understanding of how to communicate with your customers, you can develop a customer journey that might not be as straightforward as you initially thought. By understanding this journey you can eventually develop a complicated customer acquisition process in to a simpler one.A process that could potentially be automated for future customer acquisition with a bespoke CRM solution.

Understanding a customer’s history with your brand is the final step to ensure you’re delivering the best possible service. With a bespoke CRM solution on hand you can keep a detailed record of a customer’s details and their relationship with not only your business, but individual members within the business.


2 - Be Patient

Customer service, as anyone that’s ever worked in the field will tell you, can sometimes try your patience. Customers can get…passionate when something perhaps hasn’t worked out the way they expected with your service. There’s also the possibility that they might simply be having a difficult time, which can lead to some tense conversation.

However, regardless of the reasoning for any confrontation your patience is what will move the situation towards a positive resolution. Keeping your own cool will also help protect your brand from any potential damage.

Whilst your patience is valuable to customer service, it is also important to consider that your team shouldn’t be made to put up with abuse. Be sure to draw some red lines when it comes to your customer service, for the sake of your team as well as your customers.


3 - Communicate

If there’s one thing that will keep your customers happy, it’s your availability as a business. This means opening multiple communication channels. Don’t just stop with having an e-mail address – web live chat, a business phone number and social media channels are all options for your customers to get in touch.

Allowing customers to communicate directly and openly with you will help maintain a level of trust. You’re showing customers that you are willing to listen and understand their concerns, and are capable of seeking a resolution together.


4 - Resolution and Demonstrated Action

The ultimate source of happiness for your customers is a clear resolution to their issues. Responding positively and promptly to their concerns is an important step in ensuring customer resolution.
You can take this step publicly too, using your social media channels. Demonstrate that you’re taking on board customer feedback and making positive changes within your business to reflect that. Draw attention to the specific changes you’re making and why. That way you customers can not only see their value, but will also be rewarded for it as they continue to do business with you.

Implementing all of these aspects of your customer service strategy couldn’t be easier with Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution. To find out how get in touch and request a free demo.