Keep Talking

July 2021

Keep Talking: Improve Calls and Customer Communication with a Bespoke CRM Solution

Last week we talked about staying on the line and keeping the phone as an option for customers to easily get in touch with you. Even with the continuing popularity of social media as many customers’ go-to contact method, it helps to provide additional options for customers that prefer the tried and tested phone call method. Similarly, it’s also beneficial for you to record (within GDPR guidelines) customer data, like phone numbers, to get in touch should the need arise.

As your business grows, and your customer base with it, keeping track of all your customer data can become a bit difficult. Tracking down a phone number and manually typing it into a handset is just a bit too much of a hassle for a fast moving business, we get it.

So what if your CRM could keep accurate records of all that information for you? Call records, phone numbers and a whole host of other data sets can easily be captured and found and the click of a button, with a bespoke CRM solution. Let’s take a look at how…


Integrate what you know…

We’ve talked a lot about how your bespoke CRM solution benefits from third-party integration. We’re about to do it again! Rather than your team having to give up tools they’re accustomed to, your bespoke CRM can integrate your teams’ beloved dialler platform. That way if your platform is already working, you can simply access it more easily as part of your CRM. 


We’ve got the Solution…

If you don’t already have a dialler platform, there’s no better time to find one. With our bespoke CRM solution, you’ll benefit from Cloudcall, a Cloud based dialling solution that will allow you and your customers to communicate directly through your CRM. Because this is all included in your bespoke CRM solution, you’ll save money by not having to shop around for a dialler platform.   


Keep a Record

Keeping a record of business calls is quite standard practice – it protects you, your employees, your customers and it can be used to provide training at a later date. Without the right tools, call recording can be a hassle. That’s why with Lunar CRM we’ve made call recording easy, so you can always listen back if you need to.


Put the Phone Down

In 2021, we’re a bit beyond picking up a handset and manually typing in a number. With Lunar CRM dialler integration, simply find a customers’ details in your database and you can just click their number to initiate a call. If you’ve got the data, there’s no need for manual input. It’s a little time saver, and they say every little helps. Your team will definitely think so.   


Make a Saving

By having dialler integration with Cloudcall already included in your bespoke CRM package, we’re already saving you the money on an external dialler platform. However, you’ll also see other money saving benefits to an integrated dialler platform – with the increase in productivity experienced by your team, with no worries about misdialled numbers and an easily searchable database, you’ll see your business moving faster than before. And a faster business, is a growing business.


Know your History

Your bespoke CRM solution holds on to all the data that you need for your business records – call data is no different. From call length to the call outcome, your team will be able to access a full history of customer calls to ensure they keep on top of customer relationships and, more importantly, keep them positive. Not only that, but it means your team can work collaboratively to work towards resolutions with your customers – no re-treading through previously discussed issues, just moving forwards to positive outcomes.

With these features at your fingertips, you could improve communications with your customers drastically. So why not make your next call to Lunar CRM? Just get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a free demo!