Money Matters

April 2022

Money Matters: How your Bespoke CRM can Prevent Accounting Woes

It goes without saying that money is vital to keep your business going. However, managing the financial side of your business can be a job in itself, and accounting software can be quite pricey. So what are your options? With a bespoke CRM solution at the heart of your business acting as a powerful accounting tool, you can save a lot of time, stress and, most importantly, money. Let’s take a look at how you can use a CRM solution to help with your accounting…


Predictable Cash Flow

If anyone ever tells you predictability is boring, they’re lying. At least in a business sense. Predictability is exactly what you want from your cash flow situation. Managing payments and therefore knowing how much you’ve got to spend on your business can get a bit tricky. So, that’s where your bespoke CRM’s accounting tools come in to play.

With Lunar CRM you’ll know when money is owed thanks to the ledger based system that keeps your clients up to date on invoicing. Your CRM will also calculate when money is coming and going from the business, so you’ll always know where you’re up to financially. It’s all presented to you in a simple and clear way, so you won’t need to spend any time crunching numbers.


Invoicing Made Simple

A lot of us that offer monthly services always dread the end of the month, because that’s invoice day. Invoice day means putting together all your invoices and sending them off to your different clients and then waiting anxiously for payments. To top that off, if anyone’s late you then have to go through the chasing process, which has a way of making you feel like the bad guy (to reassure you, you’re not).

So, with your bespoke CRM solution’s accounting tools, you can forget about having to do all that yourself. With built-in invoicing features, you could have your invoices sent off automatically to your clients for the work you’ve done. So you’ll be able to save plenty of time and headache on manually sending out your invoices, and if you’re currently using an external invoicing software you can save a bit of cash too.


Plan Ahead

No one can see the future, your bespoke CRM solution included. However, you can plan for different eventualities. That is definitely something your CRM’s accounting tools can help your with. By measuring your finances, where your money is going and where it’s coming in, you’ll be in a great position to plan for the future. You can more confidently make decisions such as whether or not to hire a new staff member, whether it’s worth considering an office move (or dropping the office entirely) or if you need to change up pricing.

Your bespoke CRM solution is a powerful tool that will help keep your business afloat by simplifying processes such as accounting. So you can focus your time on client satisfaction, team moral and enjoying seeing your business grow. 

Do you want a bespoke CRM solution that helps keep on top of your finances? Get in touch with the Lunar team for more information on our CRM solutions or to try a free demo.