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Money Talks

August 2016

Money Talks: 5 Ways Your Bespoke CRM Keeps You in Touch with Accounting

A robust bespoke CRM solution can make a difference in so many areas of your business - including marketing and operations – but what about keeping your financial team happy? In this week’s blog, we’re turning the focus towards money, the lifeblood of any business, and what a bespoke CRM can do to keep the cash flowing and the debtors paying. We can already hear your Finance Director sighing with relief!


1. Keeping Up to Date

When building our bespoke CRM offering, the Lunar team realised the importance of including accounting functions to help our clients to make even better business decisions; when coupled with the information available from other areas of the CRM, such financial insight could give them a huge competitive advantage. That’s why we included a ledger based system in our bespoke CRM, allowing users to keep up to date with monies owing and calculate what’s due month-by-month for an easy to understand overview of the company’s finances. It’s simple and it’s genius – but it doesn’t stop there.


2. Make & Chase

A brief overview of your finances is all well and good, but a business owner needs more – more depth, more features, and more capabilities. Besides, if you have to log into different software to send invoices separately to your CRM, then there’s a gap in the process which is taking up additional time (not to mention the cost of separate subscriptions). From the Lunar CRM, users can quickly and easily send invoices directly to customers, cutting out the gap in communication. Still waiting for someone to pay up? Our solution is also capable of chasing invoices with ease, greatly reducing the chances of lost income and bloated operational processes. Now no one will slip through the net!


3. Reconsolidation

Pairing off payments versus invoices is another feature most often found in expensive external accounting tools, but one that is hugely useful in keeping the books up to date.  The Lunar Team figured early on that this would be an important function for our clients, and so it was included: users are able to import commission statements and reconcile them against expected payments, tying up loose ends in the balance sheet.


4. Schedule Ahead of Time

Who needs a crystal ball? With a bespoke CRM solution in your mits, you can practically see into the future by scheduling payments in for the year ahead. Not only does this save time for your team, but it also allows for a running statement of the accounts – including which payments have been made and which are upcoming. Say goodbye to guessing the next twelve months, and hello to more successful cash flow!


5. Reporting

Lunar’s bespoke CRM has garnered quite a reputation for itself thanks to its reporting features, which provide detailed and strategic reports instantly and at any time of the day. When you can apply that to how your business’ finances are running, you’ll find yourself armed with exactly the sort of data you need to support strategies, prove ROI on a service or product, and to understand exactly where your business currently stands financially, without needing an expert to work it all out for you. The reporting function brings your business’ internal figures to life – and that’s a powerful edge to have over the competition.

Why not make the most of your business’ finances with a bespoke CRM built to support your teams at every level? Find out more and book a free demo by getting in touch through our website – we’d be happy to help!