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Third Party Integration Must Have

May 2019

Third Party Integration: A Business Must-Have

Third party integration is a must have for any CRM. That’s why it’s an integral part of Lunar, giving you enhanced customisability over your bespoke CRM solution. Whether you’re fresh out of the gate, or an established business third party integration is crucial in ensuring your CRM can offer you everything you need in one easy package.

Third Party Integration – What is it?

Third party integration does what it says on the tin – it allows your CRM to be integrated with software developed externally by other companies.

Such software is often referred to as a ‘plug in’, allowing you additional functionality to your bespoke CRM. That way, if there’s anything your CRM needs to be able to do that isn’t available initially (though, you might be surprised how powerful your bespoke CRM solution is) you can simply add in third party software that will handle that.


Which Third Party Apps can be integrated?

Almost any popular external software can be integrated in to Lunar CRM. Just a few examples include Experian, Moneysupermarket, Salesforce, Paymentshield, Cisco, SoLeads, and Synety.

The beauty of our bespoke CRM solution is that new clients don’t have to drop their existing working relationships and software held with these companies. They can just bring them along as part of their Lunar CRM package.


What Benefits does Third Party Integration bring?

The biggest benefit of a bespoke CRM solution is that it’s one-size-fits-all. Your business needs will be met when it comes to enhanced reporting, data analysis, accounting and many other processes. This will help keep you and your team on the same page, so you can all focus on what’s important.

Integration of third party apps takes things a step further in making sure your bespoke CRM is a perfect fit for your business. This means that rather than having to keep lots of different processes and apps running at all times, you can do everything from one point. It’ll save you plenty of time, and probably quite a bit of confusion too, which means you’ll be able to limit potential for human error.

For data lovers out there, third party integration will be a real life saver. Rather than your data now being stored by several different apps, it will now all be stored in one place – your Lunar CRM. That’s going to make reports building considerably easier, and more accurate.


Does Third Party Integration bring Value?

Ultimately in business everything boils down to one question – ‘what value does this bring to my business?’ Well, a bespoke CRM solution with third party integration brings that value in spades.

Your team will benefit from a much more efficient customer service solution with dialler integration, lead management and credit checking facilities and many others third party features all in one place. This leads to a nice knock-on effect of happier customers, thanks to improved service quality, which is always good value to any business.

Integrating third party apps with your CRM could expand the skills your business has available. This opens up a whole new range of possible services and add-ons that your customers could benefit from. You could expand your team to take advantage of these new business areas (thanks to increased cash flow) or train up your existing team to boost their responsibilities and feelings of progression within your business. So you’re not only boosting value, but also morale.

If you really want to boost your business’ value, you’ll want to be sure you never miss another lead. Salesforce is just as popular as ever and can be integrated with Lunar CRM no problem. Integrating any lead-management app in to your bespoke CRM solution will allow your generate business and manage customer services, all from one place.

The best thing about third party integration with your CRM is that the benefits really are too numerous to list! If you’re currently running your business through a list of apps all doing different things, why not try putting everything in one place with a bespoke CRM solution?

Interested in implementing a bespoke CRM that can seamlessly integrate with third party applications? Look no further! Get in touch with the Lunar team for more information on our CRM solutions.