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August 2018

Everything You Need: 4 Features We Built to Support the Success of Our Financial Sector Clients

One of the questions our team encounters most often is “how can a bespoke CRM help somebody in my industry?” As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, we use a special recipe to ensure our bespoke CRM solutions cater to everybody – and every industry.

For businesses in the financial sector, this is especially pertinent. When handling money, investments and assets totalling a staggering amount, they can be concerned that the solutions on offer can’t adequately cope with the pressures of their sector.

Thanks to years of experience working with financial businesses and flourishing through our team’s involvement with their successes, however, our Lunar CRM offering has evolved into a solution that gives each user a unique advantage. The following are just a few features we’ve developed to help our clients in the financial sector:


1. Quoting Engines 

The Lunar team are not beyond acknowledging areas in which we can partner with other names to create a feature for our users. To this end, we partnered with Payment Shield and Avelo Exchange to develop a home insurance broker quoting engine and a market life assurance quoting platform, respectively. This means home insurance and life insurance brokers can formulate quotes for their clients using an integrated system that’s all in one place, and which saves time for their employees.


2. Easier Pension Reviews

With so much going on in the world of pensions over the last few years, many companies are searching for a way to make the whole reviewing process more streamlined and focused, so that they can turn their attention towards competing with the changing market. Our Lunar team worked closely with a client to help them to achieve exactly this: the end-to-end pension reviewing process has never been smoother, adapting to change and reporting on trends for greater insight.


3. Automated Claims

Automation is a powerful word in the world of business right now, as companies attempt to claw back employee hours and Britain’s growing productivity issue. Recognising this, Lunar worked closely with another client – this one in claims management – to automate the claims process. Rather than relying on manual processes, the client can instead leave systems running in the background, which have the added benefit of providing real-time reports for greater insight.


4. Outsourced Call Centres 

Keeping in touch with your customers is an important aspect of running any business, and in the financial sector, it can be crucial. One of our financial sector clients sought to improve their call centre offering to make better use of their data and keep their customers close. We worked closely with them to implement click-to-dial technology, integrating their bespoke CRM solution with the Lunar Lead Delivery platform to ensure nobody fell out of the pipeline.

In short, we love working with our clients to develop new ideas and offerings, all to benefit even more users in different industries. And while you might be wondering whether or not a business of your size or in your industry could benefit from a bespoke CRM solution, take our word for it when we say it can!

Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch with the Lunar CRM team directly, or explore our website for more information on our features, case studies and pricing.