Best of the Best

July 2022

Best of the Best: Top 5 Best Features to Look for in a CRM Solution

If you’re thinking it’s time to invest in a new CRM solution, you’ll definitely want to consider what exactly you need from a CRM solution. Looking through all the different features and pricing points can cause a lot of stress. There are a lot of options to choose from, some might be a perfect price but lacking in necessary features whilst others might be so overly complex they border on useless to you.

When you’re looking for your next CRM, you want to go in prepared. That’s why the Lunar Team have put together this list of the 5 features you’ll want to look for… 


1. Third Party Integration

Just because a CRM is filled to the brim with features, it doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there – in fact it might be full of features you’ll never use. With third party integration you can turn a simple CRM in to something bespoke to your business, using third party integration to round out your CRM with the features you specifically need. This not only makes a CRM solution ultimately more useful to you, it also makes it much easier to adapt to, saving you some teething issues in the early days.


2. Automation

The biggest time sinks for any business are small, repetitive processes – they may be small, but they pile up. That’s why automation is a lifesaver for any business, and a huge time saver for your team. Your CRM needs to be able to automate these repetitive processes so that you and your team can be free to grow your business. 


3. In the Cloud

Not all CRMs offer the opportunity to tap in to the potential of the Cloud, even now. But for any modern business, Cloud connectivity is a must-have. Remote working has fast become a desire to both businesses and employees in recent years, and it allows your business to tap in to talent both locally and far away. This gives your business more options to grow and develop. It’s also a great step forward to becoming an environmentally conscious business.

Additionally, with a Cloud based CRM you’re saving yourself the costs of running a host server. Instead your CRM will be hosted on powerful off-site servers, regularly backed up and available to tap in to at any time. You and your team will have 24/7 access to your business. 


4. Bespoke to You

Sure an off-the-shelf CRM solution may save you a little bit of hassle and set up, but not much. For that small time saver, you’re giving up the opportunity to have a CRM that’s built specifically with you and your business’ needs in mind. Once you discover that particular features you require aren’t available in an off-the-shelf solution, it’s back to the drawing board with hunting for applications that can do what you need them to.

So opting for a bespoke CRM solution would be a much more ideal option – with third-party integration and more available at your disposal, a bespoke CRM solution can grow alongside your business. 


5. Good for Everyone

The most important part of any business? The people within it. So you need to keep your people happy, and that means providing a CRM solution that offers all of the above features. You’ll want a CRM solution that’s easy to get to grips with and provides them with a host of benefits that make their day to day lives on the job easier.

To find a CRM solution that your team is happy with, it’s worth looking for one that allows you to try before you buy. That’s why with Lunar CRM we not only offer all of the above features, but we also allow you to try a free demo of our bespoke CRM solution, so you can see what’s available. That way your team can provide feedback on the features available, to make sure it’s the right solution for everyone.

Speaking of, if you’d like to give Lunar CRM a try to find out if it’s the CRM solution for you, get in touch to book your free demonstration.